Lent 1, 21 - 27 February 2021. 'Bloom'

Genesis 9, 8-17

God said, “This is the sign of the covenant that I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all future generations: I have set my bow in the clouds, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.” (verses 12-13, NRSV)

God is heartbroken. In saying a furious ‘no’ to evil in the human race, he ended up saying ’no’ to life. Only Noah’s family and the animal pairs survived the terrible flood. Now, a more compassionate God puts a check on himself. The companion of the bow is the arrow, poised in the rainbow to shoot up to the heart of God should he repeat his mistake. He blesses Noah and sends him out to replace the people of the world, and to thrive. He promises to Noah and to every living creature that he will never flood the whole earth again.

God wants us – every man, woman, child and animal on this planet – to thrive, to bloom. How can I, how can we, help each other to bloom?

As we answer that in the choices we make in our lives, we begin to soothe God’s heartache.

Needlework by Cecilia of the Citizens of the World Choir, one of the projects we helped with a grant in 2020.


Sit quietly and see if you can hear your own heartbeat. Feel your own pulse, if you like. Consider your heart, pumping blood to every part of body and brain and sustaining your life. Be grateful for this life force that we generally take for granted.

Now broaden your focus to think how the heart and circulation are common to all human beings and to all the animal world.

We are all held in God’s covenant. We are all one.

When you bloom, I bloom. When you wilt, so do I.

This week's material written by

Revd Maggie Hindley, LCRF Trustee.

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Action for the week

Re-connect with someone who may be finding life especially hard just now. Make a phone call, send an email or text. How can you help this person to bloom right now? How can you soothe a little bit of heartbreak in this person and in the God whose child they are?

More pictures by choir members EE (artwork) and Sonia (lockdown photos)


Compassionate God,

thank you for putting love above your right to anger every time;

thank you that we still have the rainbow to remind us that you will always bless us.

Make us a blessing to to others, ready to forgo judgement, to recognise that we are all one, to do whatever will make another blossom and grow as we ourselves blossom and grow in your sight.


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